Corse journey 2022

Voyage parapente en Corse


  • From September 19 to September 29

The Clémentine Cup will not take place this year after 20 years of existence. This exceptional and friendly gathering is taking a break. We are organizing this course in the same atmosphere to close a well-filled season.


The advantages of the Isle of Beauty:


  • It’s beautiful: a preserved territory


  • The mountain and the sea: sites in the mountains, but also flights along the coast with landing on the beach


  • The Mediterranean, the beach… the water still at 25°C at this time of the year


  • Gastronomy: real good products


Parapente Corse


The journey:


Everyone can choose how they come, by boat (the advantage: you can take your car and continue the holidays after the course, no weight limit for luggage you can bring your bike, or two paragliders one for cross-country, the other for hike and fly, snorkeling gear), by plane, by swimming…


Base Camp:


Camping Marina on the Liscia beach, two minutes from the landing site. Highlight: shop on site, bread depot, restaurant, and since there’s a bar, you can grab a beer after the flight.

For accommodation, there are several options, in mobile homes, under a tent, or for those lucky enough to have them in a Van or RV…

Many residences are available around the camping site (airbnb, hotels) for those who want more comfort.

Regulations forbid a paragliding school from offering all-inclusive trips (indeed, in this case, we must go through a travel agency), so for this adventure, everyone must choose their means of transport, their accommodation, and where they want to eat according to their tastes.


Corse Parapente




  • Véro: 30 min from Base Camp, the flight is thermal from 11 am, it’s the start of the famous cross: Véro / The sea quite easy to achieve with modern wings, the idea is to land on the beach therefore at base camp for a little swim.


  • San Bastiano: It’s a “hike and fly” it takes 30 min to reach the takeoff. Soaring site to the South or North. Landing on the beach


  • La Chapelle: A soaring site lower than San Bastiano, conditions can be magical on some days. Landing on the beach. It’s also a feasible site for those who cannot walk up to San Bastiano.


  • Col de Vizzavona: unforgettable soaring in the Corsican mountains.


  • Cargèse: Probably the most beautiful flight, the landscape is grandiose, it’s the evening flight at sunset “postcard” view. Beware, the takeoff is technical and requires perfect inflation control to take off.


  • La Liscia beach: it’s the landing site, very easy as the beach is huge. The sea breeze allows for inflation practice, the camping site is 50m away.


In case of bad weather, there are many hiking possibilities nearby:


  • Visit Cargèse, the village, the port, walks along the coast.


  • Capo Rosso hike: simply magnificent


  • Les calanques de Piana: A must-see


  • The Gulf of Porto


  • And many other sites, lakes, vineyards, cellars: le clos de l’Alzeto 5 min from the base camp…




At noon: everyone brings their own packed lunch


In the evening: at your accommodation, at a restaurant, or barbecue at the camping depending on your appetite.


Course price: €600. Including transfers from the port or airport, transportation to the sites, hikes or visits in case of bad weather. For supervision, the entire team of instructors from the school will be present, this trip closes our season beautifully.


Required level: a good initial license level with perfect inflation mastery.


Does not include: Travel, accommodation, meals, insurance.